learning, knowledge & behaviour

Welcome to the resource page for the ESRC LKB cluster module. The page contains information for students within the LKB pathway; those who have just started and will be taking the module for credit, and also those who have now moved on to the +3 part of their doctoral studies.

pathway coordinators

University of Brighton, Dr Matt Adams,

University of Portsmouth, Professor Kim Bard:

University of Southampton, Dr Sophie Holmes-Elliott:

meeting dates

Wed 13th November: Meeting 1

Welcome to Learning, Knowledge & Behaviour (LKB cluster)

The Norfolk Arms Hotel, 22 High Street, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9AB

Wed 12th February: Meeting 2

Interdisciplinary Poster Presentations (LKB cluster)

University of Portsmouth (room TBC)

Wed 12th May: Poster Conference

Presentations from all MSRM students to all ESRC Doctoral Training Pathway members

module assessment

For those of you who are taking the module for credit, there are two assessments:

  1. Critical Article Review (40%)

    Deadline: 12th December, before 4pm, via TurnItIn

    Assessment guide: HERE

  2. Interdisciplinary Academic Poster (60%)

    Draft review: meeting day 2, Wed 12th Feb

    Online Submission: Thurs 7th May, before 4pm, via TurnItIn

    Poster conference: Wed 13th May, Portsmouth

    Assessment guide: HERE

Academic poster resources

Below are a selection of resources to guide you while you design and create your poster.

  • .ppt slides from Kim Bard’s presentation: How to make good posters

  • Link to selection of winning posters from competition at University of Brighton.

  • A .pdf and unlocked .ppt version of a recent poster I gave (note: this is not an interdisciplinary poster and intended as a layout guide only).