One speaker, two dialects: bidialectalism across three generations in Scotland

Between 2013-2016 I worked as the Postdoctoral research assistant on ESRC project One Speaker Two Dialects (ES/K000861/1, PI Professor J Smith).

I led the project's data collection, processing, and analysis which included running the Sociolinguistics Lab at the University of Glasgow and managing a brilliant team of junior RAs and transcribers.

My analytical contribution to this project focuses on sociophonetics, particularly acoustic phonetics and I am jointly responsible for project outputs.

We have a number of publications:

2018 Holmes-Elliott, S. & Smith, J. Dressing down up north: DRESS-lowering and /l/ allophony in a Scottish dialect. Language Variation and Change 30, 1 pp. 23-50

2017 Smith, J. and Holmes-Elliott, S. (2017) The unstoppable glottal: tracking rapid change in an iconic British variable. English Language and Linguistics, pp. 1–33.

2015 Holmes-Elliott, S. & Smith, J. DRESS-down: /ε/-lowering in apparent time in a rural Scottish community Proceedings from the XVIII International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, Glasgow, UK

Jennifer Smith and I continue to work together on outputs.