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R-Lings: analysing linguistic data using r

R-Lings is a research and training group aimed at linguists who want to learn to use the statistical software ‘R’ to analyse their data. Staff and students are welcome.

The group meets at 1-2pm in Room 65/2149 (one of the teaching computer labs next to the library) every second Wednesday (on alternate weeks to the CLLEAR PG sessions).

The sessions will be practical and hands on and example data sets will be provided to demonstrate the procedures.

The provisional schedule for the first 3 sessions is outlined below and the materials (instructions and data-sets) can be downloaded HERE.

Note: access to the materials is password protected

If you would like to gain access, please subscribe to the R-Lings Mailing List by emailing: S.E.M.Holmes-Elliott@soton.ac.uk

18th Oct: the R environment (NOTE THIS SESSION WILL BE HELD IN ROOM 2041)

-          A command line interface

-          Objects and functions

-          Reading your data

-          Exploring continuous data

-          Simple visualisation


1st Nov: categorical data

-          Categorical data

-          X tabs and Prop tables

-          Sub-setting

-          Visualisation of categorical data


15th Nov: visualisation using ggplot2

-          ggplot2

-          Categorical data: bar charts

-          Customising your plot: labels, colours, fonts, legends

The content of the following sessions will be based around the research needs of the group. Some possibilities are: regression; building and testing linear mixed effects models; cronbach alpha; Rasch analysis; vowel normalisation; vowel space plotting.

Once the basics have been mastered, the aim is that members will host their own individual sessions.

If you would like to be included on the mailing list, please email Sophie Holmes-Elliott (S.E.M.Holmes-Elliott@soton.ac.uk)